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Specialist Wi-Fi Installations
Specialist Wi-Fi Installations

Fully Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Our specialist division provide easy to use fast and reliable Wi-Fi solutions (including Broadband) to Caravan Parks, Campsites, Holiday Parks adn other Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure businesses.

We offer different types of Wi-Fi site surveys, dependent on your needs. Each survey will include a diagnosing of any issues with your existing network, an inspection and test of your existing infrastructure to ensure it is fit for purpose, and scalable for your business needs.

We'll complete an analysis of your existing coverage (if any), and a review of your vital services, software and apps to ensure they run without any issues, designing your network from the ground up with this in mind.

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Revolutionise Your Holiday Park Wi-Fi

Having a solid Wi-Fi connection in your holiday park has never been more important than it is right now, with many travellers claiming internet access to be one of the most important factors they take into account when determining where to stay.

In 2021 and beyond, your customers don't just want a connection to the internet – they expect the same level of internet connection at your holiday park as they have at their home. They expect to be able to watch Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, make telephone calls, video calls and more – all through your internet.

But the truth is, simply providing them with the standard Wi-Fi solutions most providers have to offer isn't going to be able to give them what they want. This results in bad reviews online from frustrated guests and potentially hundreds of customers not booking at your holiday park at all – simply because you do not have a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Drive your hospitality business through Wi-Fi

A reliable and fast Wi-Fi service has become a key decision factor for potential guests when choosing where to stay. Many travel sites such as Booking.com now offer insights into the Wi-Fi service at your hotel, which could ultimately impact your revenue if the service provided isn't meeting your guest's needs. i7 Technologies can provide fast Wi-Fi and Fibre Leased Line services that your guests will love, and connectivity solutions to ensure your staff and IoT devices are seamlessly integrated.