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Cat 6/7 Cabling Services
Cat 6/7 Cabling Services

Cat 6/7 Cabling Services

Structured cabling is an absolute must when it comes to your office. It's easy to underestimate just how much cabling is involved with a room full of computers, phones, routers, servers and printers. If the cables weren't structured then you'd quickly be overwhelmed by the rising tangle. It can be a daunting task, that's why here at i7 Technologies, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide structured cabling solutions to businesses of all types and sizes.

Category 6/7 structured cabling is an international cabling standard that allows a single infrastructure for connecting a variety of telephone and computer systems in one manageable network. It's made up of six subsystems:

1. Entrance facilities is the point where the line from the telephone company network ends and connects to your business.
2. Equipment rooms house equipment.
3. Backbone cabling is what connects different buildings.
4. Horizontal cabling goes through ceilings and floors to work areas.
5. Telecommunications rooms or telecommunications enclosure connects between the backbone cabling and horizontal cabling.
6. Work area components connect employee's equipment to outlets of the horizontal cabling system.

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Knowledge and Expertise

This is often the only cabling you need to install for users and equipment, however, you may want to consider fibre optic cabling (which we also provide) for server to server (or network switch to network switch) connections.

The vast majority of data networks still use copper cabling throughout in order to provide an effective infrastructure, modern installations conform to the Category 6 or Category 7 structured cabling standard. Our designers have a wealth of experience in designing, installing and testing Category 6 and Category 7 networks.

i7 Technologies are approved by many of the industry leading cabling manufacturers, but we are not affiliated with any single brand, ensuring that we specify the right solution for your needs. By only using manufacturers we are accredited by, and testing every cable we install, we are able to offer the manufacturer's full installation warranty – usually in excess of 20 years.

We can take care of all your Cat 6 / 7 Structured Cabling network requirements, be it a single data point, whole floor fit-outs, cabinet upgrades or fibre optic backbone links between floors or buildings.

i7 Tech's structured cabling solution

Project management. Managing your cable structure is a real project that requires proper planning. We'll take an inventory of every cable that's needed and what equipment you've got which needs connecting up and where. We'll work out a schedule with you so that you can get back to work as soon as possible. We take care of the job from start to finish.

High performance. Using the latest in cable technology, we will enable your network to reach its potential and offer increased resilience.

Customer support. Whether you're thinking about how you're going to structure your cabling or you've run into problems after we've done it, i7 Technologies are always willing to help. The team is passionate about networks and business infrastructure, so we're always happy to answer any questions you've got.

Call our network infrastructure advice team on 01978 788888 to discuss your requirements with no obligation.