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IT Office Relocation
IT Office Relocation

IT Office Relocation

Congratulations on your new office move – your business is moving into a whole new chapter in it's journey and it's time to move office. The first page in this chapter is the relocation itself, you have got to make sure that it's not frustrating, difficult or inadequate. Here at i7 Technologies we can make it as painless as possible, setting you up for a fantastic seamless office move.

Without the proper planning and care equipment can get damaged, face unnecessary delays and miscommunication, in i7 Technologies world these issue have no place. Our experienced team won't forget a thing and they will make it their objective to get your business back to normal as soon as possible.

i7 Technologies are proud to offer best in office and IT relocation services – we are passionate about business, so we know what it is like when things go wrong that is why we strive to make sure that our moves are carried out to the highest of standards. There is no need to take a chance with another company, come to us and let us make it as painless as possible.

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Planning and analysis before each move

Do you start a big project within your business without prior planning? The answer is likley not, so why would you begin moving your entire office to another building without planning? Prior planning can ensure that the office you are moving into has sufficient broadband, sufficient cabling work and even Wi-Fi access for your staff.

i7 Technologies can create an inventory of your IT equipment before you move ensuring that every last piece of equipment has moved over correctly with nothing left behind.

Thorough checking of all IT systems to make sure everything is working just the way it was before we touched it, is a crucial stage in any relocation. No company can work without computers, the internet and routers. Let us worry about your equipment for you.

A timetable and budget for your IT relocation

i7 Technologies will liaise with other contractors on a schedule of works for ourselves to make sure you are in the know on the progress of your new office. Cost analysis keeps you completely in the loop with how much it will cost for the IT side of the relocation.

We want to make sure that you are 100% happy with every single aspect of the relocation plan we draw up for you, not even a mouse will be moved before you are happy with and signed off on the relocation plan.

Our IT relocation services are carried out by an expert team, the team is renowned for their friendliness, efficiency and effectiveness and it's members are all experts on IT systems and project management, so they appreciate and understand all the things that must be done to ensure a successful office relocation.